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Manufacturing in South Bend, Indiana

Schafer Gear Works produces spur and helical gears between 1/8" and 10" in diameter, as well as bevel and worm gears. Our fully integrated manufacturing cells and complete tool room capabilities deliver faster turnaround from set up to shipping.


Our longevity is a direct result of constantly upgrading our production, engineering, testing and tolerance capabilities at our South Bend facility to world-class standards of gear-production technology.

Continuous improvement of our CNC turning, hobbing, shaving, gear grinding and machining centers allows Schafer Gear Works to meet ISO and AGMA 13 standards, as well as the most rigid standards common among our customer base. We also have complete CNC gear inspection and tolerance measurement capabilities.

Production machinery includes: CNC turning, hobbing, gear grinding, worm grinding, shaping, shaving, broaching, deburring and grinding to produce spur, helical, bevel and worm gears. The South Bend production facility includes a fully integrated manufacturing cell with totally automated robotic systems.

In addition, we have broad tool-room capabilities, which allow faster turnaround in setting up new jobs.

Our production capacity grows with each new generation of CNC machines that we install in our plant. You can count on Schafer Gear Works South Bend to keep pace with your largest capacity order or increase in your business. Within our 108,000-square-foot, modern, air-conditioned facility, we have the machine capacity to produce from 1/8" up to 10" spur or helical gears.

In 2003 we absorbed the assets of Chicago Gear Works to expand our capabilities for bevel and worm gears, as well as service numerous domestic customers. We have overseas alliances to supply semi-finished products to South Bend, where we produce a high-quality, finished product at a competitive price.

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