Welcome to Schafer Gear Works


"At Schafer Gear, we love a good challenge. Because providing precision cut gears and other precisely machined components to meet the most demanding needs of our customers is what we do best. We welcome a good challenge. In fact, I'd say we thrive on it."

Schafer Gear Works: your single-source supplier for precision-cut gears and machined components

You might think of Schafer as the best of the old and the new.

We've been in business since 1934, so our values of hard work and commitment to customer satisfaction are well ingrained in the culture of our company. And now we have a national network of representatives and three production plants to discuss your needs and meet your requirements.

On the other hand, survival in this business requires being technologically fit. In the last decade, we have built a world-class production facility and invested millions more in the latest CNC gear-cutting and machining technology and quality-assurance equipment. Candidly, you could travel the world and not find a more modern, technologically-in-tune gear manufacturer—and the people who know how to satisfy customers. Quality control, lean manufacturing and conscientious customer service are our hallmarks.

Versatility enables us to serve the needs of the most demanding markets

Aeronautics. Appliances. Specialty automotive applications. Farm implements. Outdoor power equipment. Material handling equipment. Power transmissions. Power tools. Flow meters. And many specialty industries. These are some of the primary markets Schafer serves. While quite diverse, they have one thing in common: the need for tight tolerance production of spur, helical, bevel or worm gears and other precise gearing systems. If your company also has this requirement, chances are we can meet your needs.

Put us to the test

Like we said, we love a good challenge. We invite you to bring your most demanding specifications to us. We're confident we have what it takes to provide effective solutions that meet your budget, your most precise specifications and your requirements for on-time delivery. From prototyping to production, we'll be your partner. Combining our expertise with our customers' experiences, we have often found opportunities for reducing production costs and enhancing product flow without compromising quality.

Schafer Gear is a minority supplier as certified by IMSDC.